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Independent Professional Management, Inc.

At IPM, our strength is meeting your ever-changing needs. We are a global full-service contingent labor, payroll and staffing firm that specializes in providing world-class services for our clients’ changing circumstances. Whether you need a single engineer or a complete ERP adoption team, we can help. IPM handles contingent labor and staffing needs with white-glove service, unparalleled professionalism and a singular dedication to your success. We have been providing companies with the strength and flexibility of a satisfied, well cared-for staff for 25 years.

Contingent Labor & Payroll

IPM manages some of the most productive and satisfied workers in our client organizations, at the same time shouldering the burden of HR, benefits, grievances, and compliance. This enables client companies to focus on growth and key business goals.

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Staffing and Recruiting Team

Staffing and Recruiting

For well over two decades IPM has been meeting the critical recruiting and staffing needs of global Fortune 100 companies. With skilled recruiters and a worldwide talent network, IPM is able to meet the demands of any modern and dynamic organization.

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