Serving our clients’ needs for over 25 years.

IPM was founded in 1992 by our current CEO, Sheila McIlnay, with a focus on total customer service. We started with furnishing difficult-to-find, international SAP talent to major global corporations. We have since grown our business over the past two decades plus to include numerous industries, locations and technical skills, including the other major ERP systems. Our efficiencies in our business operations allow us to service any sized company, from Fortune 500 global companies to small businesses across the US. Our growth and success is a direct result of our unsurpassed customer service in the field of professional services.

Meet Our Management Team

Our leadership team is supported by a group of industry experts in recruitment, marketing, project management, technology and database development.

Sheila McIlnay
Sheila McIlnayFounder & CEO
Sheila McIlnay, a former prosecutor, became interested in the IT field during her early efforts to bring modern computing to the State Bar of Texas, while serving as its General Counsel in the early 90’s. She formed her initial company, Independent Professional Management, Inc. (IPM) in 1992, and has maintained it as an ongoing multi-million dollar global business while transforming it from supplemental staffing to full-service ERP consulting.

In 2005 she began re-emphasizing IPM’s supply chain and asset management practice with the creation of IPM Asset Solutions, a specialized firm combining the latest RFID technologies with strong back-office implementation processes.

McIlany is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska School of Law. She has served as clerk for the United States 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, worked for the Colorado Supreme Court as a disciplinary counsel, and been a felony prosecutor in Colorado.

In 1990, she was selected to run the largest regional office of the General Counsel of the State Bar of Texas, eventually being appointed as the General Counsel of the State Bar.

McIlnay is on the board of Go For the Greens, a non-profit organization that promotes the importance of networking for women executives. She also volunteers at her local YMCA in Houston and serves as mentor to young female business leaders.

Steve Young
Steve YoungCOO & General Counsel
IPM’s COO is Steven W. Young. Besides being responsible for day-to-day operations, he is also the company’s General Counsel. He is an attorney with 30 years of experience, over 25 of which has been in management. He has a background in both the public and private sectors, managing multi-million dollar budgets, multiple offices, and large staffs as well as coordinating complex multi-million dollar lease leverage transactions.

Young is a Texas native, receiving his B.S. degree from the University of North Texas, and his law degree from Texas Tech University. He has been a trial lawyer in private practice and worked as a managing attorney in the Attorney General’s office. Later he served as general counsel of a successful start up venture.

He was then appointed as regional counsel for the State Bar of Texas, where he worked his way to First Assistant General Counsel and subsequently was appointed as the Bar’s General Counsel and Chief Disciplinary Counsel, where he served until coming to work for Independent Professional Management in 1998. During his career, he has developed an extensive background as an attorney advising corporate and government HR departments. His management style, insistence on quality and attention to detail help make IPMAS a company that provides quality service to both clients and employees.

Craig Sadler
Craig SadlerChief Technology Officer
Sadler has lead the drive for cutting edge technology IPM has built for our clients. Sadler is responsible for the operation of the data systems, security, and overall technological  and client strategies for both IPM and IPMAS.

Sadler has extensive experience in data systems management and emerging technology for small entrepreneurial companies, large corporate entities, and the United States Marine Corps. He has made his career by creatively adapting and combining common place technology and processes with new innovations to produce end to end systems that emphasize speed, accuracy, and lean business processes. Sadler also has a background in corporate training both as an instructor and in course development. This background influences the development of client solutions. A large part of his design emphasis is in implementing systems that are intuitive and easy to learn for the average employee.

At the end of the First Gulf War, Sadler was recruited by the United States Marine Corps while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. He holds multiple technology certifications from the civilian community as well as the military.

Kellie Wirth
Kellie WirthDirector, Resource Management
Wirth has been involved with various marketing and business development efforts for IPM since 2007. She has 15 years of experience managing client accounts and strategic partnerships. She has worked as consultant and project manager, building and implementing communication plans across various industries, including health care, agriculture, engineering and the energy sector.

Wirth is responsible for ensuring our client processes are effective and successful. She works with our clients and partners across the US to create synergy between our deliverables and our clients’ needs and existing processes.

Our Philosophy

We provide our clients with skilled personnel and allow our customers to reach their full growth potential. We work diligently to place project managers and build teams of top level consultants and do key staff augmentation for resources as needed. Our commitment goes beyond well managed projects and flexible staffing models. We maintain strong relationships across the complete spectrum of our clients’ project life cycle from the planning of their needs, the procurement of resources, on through the delivery of services and continued support at each step in between.

We work closely with both our clients and consultants to assure that we produce results that meet and exceed client expectations. In our most recent worker survey, 96% of our workforce report a high satisfaction with the IPM staff and its services.

We have also made a successful transition into the managed services environment, where necessary, and working with several international MSPs and with a variety of VMS software products.

We are able to recruit and work with the best consultants across skill levels and industry because we work with them on terms that are unmatched in the field of consulting. The strength of these key relationships translates directly to our clients as we leverage our relationships to ensure that our consultants deliver superior results. The net effect of IPM’s extraordinary customer service is that our team manages and delivers consultants that make substantial contributions to our clients’ organization. Our internal team, led by our Vice President of Resources, Andy Bishop, a 19-year veteran of IPM, provides “white glove service” to not only our consultant/ contractors, but to our clients as well, be it the large corporate end client, or the MSP. His teams identify and addresses multiple issues and challenges on a “24 x 7” basis.

In recent years we have refined the management of contingent labor as the marketplace has evolved. It is estimated that nearly 35% of today’s total workforce is comprised of contingent labor; there is evidence to prove that number will only increase.

Whether it be recruited talent or self-sourced/ pre-identified resources, IPM can manage that expanding workforce, assuring total compliance with the “alphabet soup” of laws, rules and regulations that are a constant in the field of contingent workforce management.


“IPM has been the most responsive, clear and helpful of any vendor I’ve been with – and I’ve been through a good number.”


“Your responsiveness and desire to bring to the highest value to all concerned really does show through. My first year with you has been very smooth.”


“It’s great that you all show appreciation for the employees, with things like the “welcome” gift, and the get-together you organized. I also appreciate that the process of entering time is streamlined and simple, and every time I’ve contacted you with a question you’ve responded immediately and resolved my question fully.”


“Andy Bishop never fails at being 100% responsive and kind. He is a true gem.”

“Andy is amazing. He is truly an asset.”

“I think Andy Bishop has been wonderful in the process of helping me change over to IPM.”

“Andy always responds quickly to any questions I may have or provides me with any information I request.”

“Andy Bishop has always been very responsive to my questions and concerns. Timeliness with pay stubs and direct deposits.”

“Andy is the best!”

“I am very pleased with the quick response from IPM, Andy Bishop when I need assistance, or have questions.

“Andy Bishop, my immediate supervisor has been very good at answering my questions and concerns. Very quick in getting back to me.”

“Andy Bishop has been very responsive and helpful to my needs.”


Trusted Partners

From IPM’s corporate headquarters located in Houston, Texas, we have developed successful, long-term relationships with many of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies. However, our flexibility and ease of business transactions also makes us an attractive partner for smaller companies as well. As a Certified HUB (Historically Underutilized Business), IPM can meet the diverse needs of our clients in the search for the right employee, consultant, technology or business solution.