Our mission at IPM is to be a world-class employer. Your career is our #1 job!

We want to make any aspect of your employment simple, secure and efficient. Employee forms, benefit summaries and documents required by our end clients are managed through our HR Cloud portal. All payroll documents and paystubs will be found on your Intuit profile.  Please review the instructions for each section and do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions or need assistance with any of the documents.

All necessary forms and guides can be accessed through HR Cloud. Enrollment in HR Cloud is quick and easy, if you cannot find your enrollment invite, contact our office and we will resend it to you.


As part of our onboarding process, you will be asked to provide the following information to set up all employee files.

IPM Direct Deposit Authorization Form

IPM Background Check and Authorization 
Complete the invitation from Checkr.com to initiate your background check. Your background check reports are available for review.

IPM Drug Screen Form
Complete the invitation from Checkr.com to initiate your drug screen. You will receive the form and instructions on going to complete your drug screen at the lab location closest to you.

2020 Form W-4 Federal Withholding Tax Form

Form I-9 Processing
After you complete the initial sections of the I-9, IPM will finish the process and initiate the e-verify process.



Timesheets are due by noon on Monday after the week worked.

Chevron Form GO 272
Page 1 – 1. Print Name 2. Leave “CAI” Space Blank 3. Sign 4. Date
Page 2 – 1. Enter the last 5 digits of your Social Security number in the last box labeled “Authorization Code”

Chevron Form GO 272A
Page 1 – 1. Print Name 2. Leave “CAI” Space Blank 3. Sign 4. Date

Chevron Harassment Guide
Please read.

Chevron Harassment Form
After reading the Harassment Guide: 1. Print Name 2. Sign

Chevron Non-employee Intellectual Property Agreement
Page 1 – 1. Sign 2. Print Name 3. Date

Chevron Smartbadge Agreement
Page 1 – 1. Print Name (don’t worry about CAI) 2. Sign 3. Date

Chevron Smartbadge Photo Specifications
Email a photo and a copy of the front and back of your Driver’s License to andy.bishop@ipm-inc.com


Please review the health, vision and dental plan documents. Open enrollment for IPM, Inc employees happens annual in April. Insert the rest of the instructions or general overview here.


Our goal is to have healthy, safe employees as well as safe environments for our employees to work. Please review our health and safety policies and contact us if you feel like your work environment is putting you at risk for injury or illness.

Our social media and email policies provide an overview of acceptable uses of technology during the work day, as well as policies governing email privacy, use and representation of IPM in social media and email functions. Please review this and sign and date page 7.