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Our consultants have discovered the “Power of Net-Zero.”

That’s right, IPM will pay our consultants the day our customer-approved invoice is received. If you have set up direct deposit with us, your money will be in your account that same day. The truth is, paying you net-zero is just one way in which IPM works hard to keep consultants happy. In addition to net-zero benefits, we make our consultants feel like they are part of our team – we provide direct communication with our leadership team, we pay for professional insurance fees and we plan social functions to really get to know each other.

IPM offers our consultants a chance improve their skill set, improve their standing within the consulting community and gives them more consulting opportunities. If you want to work with the best, work with IPM. We invite you to submit your resume as your first step to an improved consulting career.

Our consultants have unique opportunities available to them.

We work with you to ascertain your need in terms of type of technology, rate, nature of role, location, length of project, type of client and other aspects important to you. With this information, we pursue our network of hiring managers within organizations that match your needs. This type of network allows us to find ‘good fits’ for our clients and consultants. It’s a win-win situation and of course your name or resume will not be sent to any of our clients without first getting your approval.

Here are some of the additional benefits that IPM consultants receive:

  • Reliable Pay – For many of our clients we are able to pay you Net-Zero. That is, you are paid within 1 business day of submitting your client approved time sheet. And in over 25 years of doing business IPM has never missed a payroll.
  • Continuous Stream of Work – IPM works with you, your roll-off date and our clients to allow you the best opportunity to maintain a continuous stream of billable work.
  • Client Contacts – IPM’s business model allows us to develop close contacts with our clients and their management. This puts us in a position to proactively work with you to market yourself via personal contacts, not just by sending resumes.
  • Respect – Your name or resume will never be sent to clients or third parties without your consent.
  • Best Fit – IPM works with you and your desired role, location, technology and duration to find the right opportunity for you to succeed and grow. We never require our consultants to sign a non-compete clause. We expect that our level of customer service is enough to keep the best, highly-skilled pool of consultants and we want our consultants to be able to have the freedom to find the best fit for them.

IPM’s network of hiring managers gives us a steady stream of requirements and projects.

As a result, many of our proven consultants have stayed within the IPM family for many years. Many of IPM’s independent contractors have reaped the benefits of our client relationships. We invite you to submit your resume and experience the benefits others are taking advantage of, including the Power of Net Zero.


Aside from the net zero pay and extraordinary opportunities, IPM can also offer you wonderful benefits. If you prefer to be paid on an hourly W-2 basis, IPM can offer you insurance, 401K savings and other benefits.


IPM is an easy recommendation to make to a friend. Who else can provide you with such opportunities, benefits, satisfaction and net-zero terms of payment? Invite a friend to experience the IPM difference.


IPM is always finding new and better ways to improve your consulting experience. We invite you to be updated on how we can better work together to provide extraordinary service.

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“IPM has been the most responsive, clear and helpful of any vendor I’ve been with – and I’ve been through a good number.”


“Your responsiveness and desire to bring to the highest value to all concerned really does show through. My first year with you has been very smooth.”


“It’s great that you all show appreciation for the employees, with things like the “welcome” gift, and the get-together you organized. I also appreciate that the process of entering time is streamlined and simple, and every time I’ve contacted you with a question you’ve responded immediately and resolved my question fully.”