Contingent Labor

Contingent labor is any worker that is not considered a permanent hire

The relationship between staffing providers, businesses, Managed Services Providers and the labor force is changing. We are using our 25 years of staffing expertise to build lasting value for companies by serving as a key supplier of qualified employees.

Traditionally, contingent labor resources were recruited and pay-rolled by either the hiring company or a 3rd party vendor, such as IPM. In today’s economy, the concept of contingent labor has expanded to include client “pre-identified” resources who, most likely, are employed by a 3rd party staffing/employee management company like IPM, while providing services and work product to the end-client through an MSP.


Unlike traditional “sourced” labor, pre-identified labor creates the several benefits for the end-client.

  • Managers have increased autonomy over who they hire and what the pay rate is for that position.
  • Cost savings is achieved through more efficient recruiting practices.
  • Pre-negotiated margins creates important transparency between the 3rd party vendor and end-client.

While traditional, sourced staffing is many times the only option, pre-identified workers are a growing resource in the labor market. They bring a known skill-set to the end-client and the hiring manager. Clients who utilize a quality reputable 3rd party vendor like IPM to process and manage its pre-identified labor experience less turnover allowing the client company to focus on its core expertise.

The contingent labor world is one of dynamic decision making, execution and needed flexibility in  an evolving global economy. Just because a workforce is contingent does not obviate the need of dependability and predictability in that workforce. Dependability of contingent labor, especially in project critical fields like IT and engineering, is still an essential goal.  Even when full-time long term employment may not make business sense, for either the client or contingent worker, the stability a work force, especially in a “go live” situation is always necessary to bring a project in on time and on budget.

IPM’s top to bottom “White Glove” approach and open communication ensures the greatest stability while maintaining the needed flexibility of our clients and their workforces.

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