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IPM began in 1992 as an IT recruiting and staffing firm, expertly meeting the unplanned and critical needs of global Fortune 100 Companies such as Shell Oil, Exxon and Chevron. Through the years IPM has developed into a full service Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) firm; providing recruiting and staffing that meets the demands and needs of today’s largest and most dynamic companies. And in addition to working directly with large global organizations, IPM enjoys relationships with MSPs and can work with any VMS.

Whether you need a single scarce resource engineer or an entire implementation team, IPM can help locate and secure the talent you require for your projects. We differentiate ourselves with the features and business processes described below.

Needs-based analysis

IPM’s account managers understand our clients’ specific needs. If your needs are staff augmentation, we can work with you to develop Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that give you a short list of candidates matching your needs within two or three business days of receiving your requirements. If you have projects, we can manage and tailor teams to meet each of your project’s goals. IPM’s focus is our customer – ensuring that we provide total customer service and the highest ROI.

The Best Talent

IPM’s commitment to service means that we provide our clients with the best consultants. Our unique approach to recruiting and retaining the best consultants translates directly as a benefit for our customers. Consultants often approach IPM and request to work with us. Why? Because they have heard from other IPM consultants that we pay on a net-zero basis. This practice is un-matched within the consulting industry.

The net-zero aspect is only one of many reasons consultants are attracted to IPM. We provide many additional benefits such as training sessions to keep skill sets current and we absorb the cost of professional insurance which usually has to covered by the consultant. IPM’s HR staff is available on a 24/7 basis to speak with our consultants so they have the support they need to be successful. We do everything we can to care for our consultants; this results in an extremely experienced, loyal and dedicated workforce. IPM account managers work closely with each member of our consulting team to ensure that everyone’s needs are being fully met.

Long Term Stability

Your business depends on the people within your organization. Your ability to staff key initiatives and to adapt to changes in technology and industry will determine your organization’s level of success. IPM ensures that you always have top consultants assigned to your projects. Your account manager will provide you with service around the clock to make sure that your needs are being addressed. IPM’s customers enjoy an increased level of stability throughout their organization because our consultants and account managers are focused on delivering results. Our close relationship with our consultants is in direct contrast to the human commodity model widely used today, instead we work closely with them and deliver extraordinary results to our clients.

A Focus on ROI

Your investment in professional services needs to yield maximum returns. What aspects of IPM sets us apart from the myriad of competitors? Our commitment to service can not be matched. We encourage you to inquire with other firms to find out if they have ever missed a pay date for any of their consultants and if so, how did this effect their consultant’s ability to deliver for their customer? Please ask if they will agree to pay their consultants on a net-zero basis, as this eliminates the primary risk of distraction within the consulting industry? It is likely that only IPM can answers both of these questions to your satisfaction. We take every measure available to ensure a successful consulting engagement. This commitment from us to you and to our consultants allows us to work closely with all parties to ensure all your needs are being met. In tough financial times, you often don’t get the attention you need from an overloaded account manager and the consultant often gets their paycheck delayed by months. Make no mistake about it, you bear the full cost for this. Before you decide to invest your consulting dollars elsewhere please think about the level of return that only IPM can deliver.

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