IPM Contributes to Disaster Relief Effort

IPM’s home office is located in Houston, Texas, no stranger to its share of inclement weather. We have employees in our neighboring state of Louisiana suffering from the devastating flooding in recent days. IPM has contributed to the disaster relief effort sending much needed items to all the flood victims in that state. With this effort, IPM has chosen to focus on the children affected by this disaster. Stuck in shelters for days on end, these kids are taken out of their normal routines and benefit from having new activities and distractions to get through the long hours. IPM sent a number of age appropriate arts and crafts kits, puzzles, and games for distribution in shelters located in Baton Rouge and other affected cities. Through a Houston-based charity, the IPM team helped to fill a U-Haul trailer with these needed supplies, knowing the trailer was heading to the charity’s Baton Rouge location, where the supplies could directly help our employee families.
Many of our West coast employees are being affected by the California wild fires. We are working on plans to identify the most effective way to assist our employees across that state.
In truth, anytime disasters of these magnitudes occurs in our country, it affects us all. IPM’s philosophy is that all corporate citizens have an obligation to assist others in times of need brought on by such events. It is especially true in geographical areas where a corporation has a presence. We, at IPM, urge our employees and partners to contribute as well. One such avenue we encourage is through the local Red Cross, however any relief organization would appreciate the donations. So, if you are reading this, think about giving back. If you have any comments or questions about giving or IPM, please reach out to our Founder and CEO, Sheila McIlnay at sheila.mcilnay@ipm-inc.com.