An Update on Our Houston-based Team Managing the Effects of Hurricane Harvey

We have had many of our clients and consultants reach out, inquiring as to our situation here in Houston. We are very grateful for all of your concerns, thoughts and prayers. Our internal IPM/IPM Asset Solutions teams in Houston are safe and secure. Also, our redundancy emergency operational plans have been activated and are successfully in place. The team in the Dallas Metroplex is monitoring the situation and all is stable. Personally, we are staying in touch with each other, via texts and e-mails, as some phone service is spotty. I feel blessed that everyone and their families are safe and pray that that status will hold.

My special thanks and gratitude to Andy Bishop and Steve Young, who as usual, are totally on top of this event. At least they do not have to move a server in the dark down four flights of stairs, as they did during Hurricane Ike. Though we never missed a payroll, even during that hurricane, we recently tightened up our emergency operations even more and I am pleased by our nimble response to this situation. Again, our appreciation for all of your thoughts and prayers.